Service Quality Measures for South African Substance Abuse Treatment Services

Measuring up to excellence in substance abuse treatment


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This initiative seeks to guide national substance abuse treatment policy, service planning and delivery, and service improvement through development of a platform of Service Quality Measures that assess the performance of substance abuse treatment programmes. This platform is currently lacking in South African substance abuse treatment services.

Although the focus of the project is on establishing an evidence-based approach for improving substance abuse treatment services, what we learn from this effort can be readily applied to a broad range of human services.

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Service Quality Measures


Why Service Quality Measures?

Performance measures of service quality hold much value for policy makers, service planners, and service providers.

For policy makers, Service Quality Measures can provide a strong, empirical foundation for national policy. Such policies can be based on actual programme performance.

For service planners, performance information can facilitate evidence-based decision-making around limited resources, new funding directions, and quality improvement projects.

For service providers, service quality data will be useful for guiding decisions about strategic programme directions. For instance, performance measures can be used to improve public confidence in a particular service’s ability to perform effectively.


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SQM Implementation

The Service Quality Measures Initiative: Toolkit for Treatment Providers